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Conduct & Discipline

Efforts are made to investigate and apply appropriate disciplinary measures against students who are in breach of University College regulations. Despite the relevant orientation and counselling, some students remain susceptible to a number of offences that do not augur well for communal co-existence.


The faculty and administration at KQMUC- school of Medicine requires regular and punctual attendance in all classes. Attendance and active participation in class will benefit classmates, colleagues, and enhance the individual student’s knowledge base. Therefore, students are expected to attend all Basic medical Science classes and clinical rotations. Students who are absent from 21 days continuous  of the Basic medical science classes will have to repeat the class and are subject to dismissal from the MBBS program.


Honor System

KQMUC– School of Medicine is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, academic performance, professional behaviour, and respect for each other as individuals. Students are expected to maintain these high standards of professional behaviour in all aspects of their medical school training, in both the academic setting and in the community.

Students are required to sign an Honour Code contract prior to matriculation stating that s/he will maintain a high degree of personal honour and integrity during their medical training. Breach of this contract may result in sanctions ranging from a warning to the student’s dismissal from school. The rights and responsibilities of students with regard to regulations pertaining to student conduct can be found in the current Student Handbook.



A student may be involuntarily dismissed from the KQMUC- School of Medicine for any of the following reasons:

Failure to maintain academic performance as determined by the Promotions Committee such as: (a.) Withdrawn (W), Failing (F) or Withdrawn-Failure (WF) of any course while on Academic Probation; (b.) Withdrawn (W), Failing (F) or Withdrawn-Failure (WF) in any repeated course; (c.) Withdrawn (W), Failing (F) or Withdrawn-Failure (WF) for two or more courses while enrolled in Basic Sciences, whether or not on Academic Probation.

Violation of the laws or statutes of the People’s Republic of China.

Demonstration of behavioural or emotional instability that impairs judgment and/or represents a potential compromise to patient care.

Violation of the substance-abuse policy of the KQMUC -School of Medicine.

Failure to progress in the Clinical Medicine program for the following reasons:

Continuous absenteeism for 21 schooling days without written permission.

Multiple End- of- Semester Exams  failures

Unethical conduct



Every student has the right to file a grievance or appeal a decision. Students seeking to resolve problems or complaints should first contact their instructor. If a student wants to appeal a decision by the Promotions or Disciplinary Committees s/he must submit his/her appeal in writing to the appropriate Associate Dean. The Associate Deans will make a decision after receiving the appeal request whether to accept or deny.



Examinations will be given in each basic science course throughout the semester with final exams given at the end of each semester. Quizzes, oral presentations, and writing assignments may be used at the discretion of the instructor. Examinations are generally given in a format compatible with that of the USMLE and will include laboratory and clinical skills assessment when appropriate. A Self Exam is offered in a specific subject every semester. Students are required to be present at the scheduled time for every examination. Scheduled examination policy and procedures are determined by the faculty and presented to the students at the beginning of each course, as well as outlined in the class syllabus and Student Handbook.

                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC