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Campus Facilities

Campus Infrastructure
Living on campus connects you to the full range of opportunities that KQMU has to offer. This is one reason why nearly all undergraduate students and more than 75 percent of graduate students live in compulsory Halls and Hostels on campus. KQMUC boasts of 5 traditional halls of residence. The Kings Hall is all-male residential facility and the Queens Hall is an all-female residential facility. Three other Halls namely Great Dr. Jerryson Hall, Torgbe Tretu Hall and Graham Segal Hall of residence are all mixed-sex Halls.

There are number of Private Hostels available around the campus for students who, as a result of the limited rooms could not be admitted as resident students. Currently, about 0% of the total students’ population are non-resident. There are also Non-Resident Facilities on campus where non-resident students could take a rest between lectures and do their own private studies before they leave for their various homes and hostels.

Food Joints
Kings & Queens Medical University College has a Well Furnished Kitchen to serve Both Staff and Students Meals three times Daily. The KQMUC Kitchen Staff prepares amazingly diverse kinds of local and international cuisine to the University College community. You'll find plenty of variety and convenience with over 20 dining locations in and around campus. KQMUC has more than enough to offer everyone for Food and Drinks. The Dining halls of the 5 Halls of residence offer a variety of dishes and snacks at affordable prices to students. VIP, Staff & Junior Common Room snack bars can also be found in all the Halls of Residence. Your Intercontinental Buffet, Pizza Joints, Tea & Coffee Joints, Chips and Chicken, Banku or Jollof rice is just a stone throw from you.

Business Centres
Kings & Queens Medical University College is a community by itself and therefore houses numerous business centres. The Commercial area is the main business hub of the university.
The commercial area is made up of Campus Banks, a post office and well-resourced Bookshop. It also houses the Campus Shopping Mall where all assortment of foodstuff can be found. There is also Campus Shuttle Bus and Taxi station at the Commercial area. There are printing and photocopy shops scattered all around campus to aid academic work.

Information Communication Technology
To maintain our status as the Premier Medical University in Ghana and Africa Continent, Kings & Queens Medical University College has a number of ICT facilities and installations all over campus. All Lecture Halls, Laboratories, Research Centres, Administration Block, Dining Halls, the Five Halls Residence of on campus have Wi-Fi installations that enable residents to have easy access to the internet in the comfort of their rooms and halls for Academic Work and Research.
The university boasts of a network of ICT systems. Also located at the Faculty of Computer Science are the very fast speed and well Equipped Internet Café.

Commercial Areas
There is a small section of KQMUC Campus known as the Commercial Area. The Commercial Area has the following facilities within the general area: Branches of Stanbic Bank Ghana Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, Ecobank Ghana Ltd, Agricultural Development Bank, Western Union Point.
In addition, there is Campus Shopping Mall with a wide range of assorted selections of local and International items and a Pharmacy Shop.

Banking Area
Money is an important asset in ones daily life. Therefore we have provided easy access to major banks so that you can have access to any available bank of your choice on campus.
KQMUC is a community on its own. Hence, there are several accessible facilities that make your stay here comfortable. These banks render special services for our cherished students and staff. Since you are special, opening an account if you don’t have one is the easiest on KQMUC campus. There are ATM facilities at the banks for easy access to cash.
Campus Banks are; Stanbic Bank Ghana Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, Ecobank Ghana Ltd, Agricultural Development Bank.

Health Facilities

Kings & Queens Medical University College treats Student health with outmost priority. The University College therefore has well Equipped Teaching Hospital that caters for such Health issues. The Kings & Queens University Teaching Hospital have Health Insurance Plan for all students from KQMUC. 

Therefore all Students Subscribe to the KQMUC Health Insurance Scheme to access Healthcare throughout their duration of studies.
KQMUC Teaching Hospital is one of the well-resourced hospitals in Ghana with experienced medical practitioners in charge. To make health care easily accessible to students, the University Teaching Hospital is Located on Campus solely to handle students’ healthcare needs and Ghana in entirety.
Click here to go to the official website of Kings and Queens University Teaching Hospital

Recreational Facilities

Welcome to any of our recreational centres like the KQMUC Royal Parade Grounds, The Botanical Gardens, Gym, Opera Square. You can take advantage of the Olympic size pool to relax on a hot afternoon or after a stressful day whilst Swimming lessons are also organized .

The Ananse Club also presents a, poetry and Comedy time every Friday night. A special drinks and sandwiches are available for soothing the mouth. On a typical Friday evening, one of the places to relax, get entertained and learn some new dance moves is the Dr. Jerryson Great Common Room.
Other facilities on the campus include an Entertainment Hall, Sports Stadium, a Senior Staff Club and a Junior Staff Lounge. We still continue to provide a perfect blend of academic life laced with entertaining and memorable social life

Campus Security
Kings & Queens Medical University College has its own private security service. Security personnel are located at various vantage points across campus all day and night to ensure the safety of all members of the University College community. The mission of the KQMUC Security Service is to maintain a safe and secure campus by providing quality policing. To ensure maximum safety however, the University College community also has a role to play.
Security Tips for Students & Staff on Campus

  • Record the registration number of every commercial vehicle you board during your rounds.
  • Remember to lock your door whenever you are leaving your room
  • Beware of the type of friends you entertain in your rooms; they may be predators and criminals.
  • Change promptly the lock in your door when your key is missing; report the incident
  • Lock your door when asleep.
  • Never board a taxi with all-male occupants already in. Beware also of taxis with a female passenger and two or more male occupants. The female passenger may be used as a decoy to rob you.
  • As much as possible, patronize the campus shuttle vehicles
  • Always walk in pairs, or in groups and at well-lit areas.
  • Avoid using isolated footpath and short-cuts.
  • Avoid the services of Errand Boys; they may monitor your movements and rob you later or give information to their accomplices.
  • Do not entertain hawkers in the Halls; they may be criminals.
  • Beware of travel agents on campus; some are fraudsters.
  • Report every unusual occurrence promptly to the security office for immediate assistance.

Kings & Queens Medical University College Security Services - Important Telephone Numbers

  • KQMUC Security (Hotline) 00000000000 
  • KQMUC Security (Office) 000000000000
  • KQMUC Police Station 000000000000

Sports & Fitness Facilities

The Sports Stadium
Sports plays an important part of KQMUC academic and Co-curricular activities. As a result of the need to improve the quality of sportsmen and women, there has been massive investment in sports infrastructure to achieve success;
This is a multi-purpose stadium that consists of a football pitch, a basketball court, a hockey pitch, Athletic tracks, volley ball court for both field and track events This sports facility is used for many sports events for both the University and other Corporate Institutions.

Swimming Pool
Kings & Queens Medical University College boasts of an Olympic size swimming pool which is open to students and the general public. There is also a Therapeutic Pool used to administer Hydro Therapy for the Stroke and Patients that need Hydrotherapy. This facility is used in training athletes for the school as well as teaching people the art of swimming. It is equally used for social gatherings and other entertainment programmes.

KQMUC Gymnasium

The saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body is held in high Esteem by KQMUC so the gym just comes handy. There are other gyms in the various Halls of Residence and Hostels.

A well Equipped Modern Gym is located just close to the Swimming Pool and open to the University community on daily bases.

Other Facilities
Other facilities on the campus include: a Sports Stadium, an Olympic-size Swimming Pools, a Senior Staff Club and a Junior Staff Clubs. The University's Chaplains who are responsible for organizing the religious life of staff and students.

                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC