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What are the available options?
There are Five Halls of residence and a number of Hostels in the University. They are Great Dr. Jerryson Hall, Graham Segal Hall, Torgbe Tretu III Hall, Queens Hall ( All Females) , Kings Hall ( All Males) . Three of the Halls of residence are mixed, one for males only and one for females only.


Accommodation of International Students in University Residential/Hostel Facilities

As part of the measures to improve the security of our Students, particularly International Students and to ensure the provision of an enabling residential facility and environment for their studies and stay, it is the policy of the University that, all International Students are to be accommodated on Campus in University's Halls of Residence. . It is therefore an offence for any International Student to lodge outside the designated places.

All Hostel have Private Bathroom, Toilet facilities, Air Conditioners, Flat Screen TV, WiFi Internet connectivity with the study Desk, Fridge and small kitchenettes. All of them are self-catering.
More detailed information, including the list of Hostels, their locations, facilities and services are available at the Students Housing and Residence life Unit at the Dean of Students Office.


For more information on Housing and Accommodation contact

Tel: +2332000000000

Email (Ghanain Students Only):

         (Foreign Students Only):

                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC