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Why Kings & Queens Medical University College?

  • Why the use of the Nomenclature ‘Kings & Queens’? The philosophical concept that led to the adoption of the term Kings & Queens in the University’s name is based on the symbolic view that the University’s cherished Students would be treated like Kings and Queens within the Students, receiving the highest standards of Medical Training. This is a noble objective that fully respects the Students Status.


Why Study at Kings and Queens Medical University College? 

  • Great career opportunities: Kings & Queens Medical University College is globally renowned and students from all over the world come here to pursue their higher Medical studies. It has reputation globally and people respect the skills and talent of the Graduants once they move into professional world. Graduants from KQMUC are placed in top reputable Hospitals, Health Care Centers and top positions around the world.
  • Opportunity to pursue your Medical studies: Kings & Queens Medical University College offers various courses in different Medical fields. It gives you ample freedom to choose any Medical program or specialty you want to pursue. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and fellowship programs to students. The university offers number of full time and part time courses to students.
  • Motivational atmosphere for students: The Kings & Queens Medical University College provides a great atmosphere to students. The university is hub for foreign students and a large number of students every year get enrolled in this university. It offers a motivational atmosphere to students which enable them to reach the highest points of their academics.
  • Scholarship and Student loan: The Kings & Queens Medical University College provides academic base scholarship and student loans. This motivate and enable our students to perform exceptionally both theoretical and practical. It also boost the confidence of "Brilliant but needy students".
  • Opportunity for internships and jobs: The Kings & Queens Medical University College assist and gives opportunity for internships and jobs to its cherished students. Kings & Queens Teaching Hospital, the Affiliate Hospitals of the University College provide job opportunities for deserving graduants from the KQMUC.
  • Research Base Library system: The Kings & Queens Medical University College has a modern state of the art library system which enhance extensive research. The computerized library system in KQMUC makes reading and research work assessable and more enjoyable
  • Diversity: The Kings & Queens Medical University College has diversity of Students where you will get the opportunity to be exposed to opinions and ways of life you might never have been experienced. Here you will meet new people from diverse cultural background.


                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC