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Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBChB),
Doctor of Optometry
Bachelor of Dentistry and Dental Surgery
Doctor of Vetenary Medicine ( DVM),
BSc. Physician Assistantship ( Clinical)
BSc. Clinical Research Scientist

Doctor of Pharmacy -PharmD (6 Years)
BSc. Pharmacy (B.Pharm)
BSc. Medical Laboratory Practice

BSc. Nursing,
BSc. Psychiatric Nursing
BSc Midwifery
BSc. Anesthesiology
BSc. Critical Care & Emergency Nursing
BSc. Licensed Nursing Prescriber
BSc. Sonography
BSc Forensic Medicine
BSc. Food & Nutrition
BSc. Dietetics.

BSc. Physiotherapy

BSc. Public Health (Health Information)

BSc. Public Health (Nursing)

BSc. Radiology

BSc. Biological Science
BSc. Applied Biology
BSc. Chemistry

BSc. Health Service Administration,
BSc. Health Management

BSc. Computer Science,
BSc. Networking
BSc. Software Engineering
BSc. Information Technology,
BSc. System Engineering
BSc. Biomedical Engineering

BSc. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BSc. Biochemistry



                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC