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Admission Requirements for International Students

Applications for study are accepted throughout the Year but Mostly from 1st March until 30th September. Classes start from lst September . It is recommended that students arrive not later than 10th September each Year for study.

All Foreign Nationals can be admitted to Kings & Queens Medical University College if the following requirements are met:

- Bachelor’s or Specialist’s programs, if:

He/she has a document of complete secondary education, High school or any other equivalent document;

- Master’s program, if:

He/she has a “Bachelor’s degree” or a “Specialist’s degree” with the course duration not less than 4 years;

- Postgraduate studies (PhD), if:

He/she has a “Master’s degree” (with the course duration not less than 2 years) or Specialist’s degree with the course duration not less than 5 years.



Note: Admission Processing Fee should be paid by Applicant before Admission letter and other necessary documents would be Processed and Posted to Prospective Students.
However, the Application Fee is Non Refundable or Transferable
Students are to come Along with their Full Tuition and Accommodation Fee and Pay upon Arrival on Campus in Ghana.
Please, follow the above steps strictly when you apply to study in Kings & Queens Medical University College.

Upload the following documents electronically together with our Online Application form.

1. Original Certificate or Transcript of your Highest Education (Bachelor, Diploma, High School Certificates, etc.)

2. Medical Examination form for Foreigners who intend studying in Ghana

3. Information Page of your International Traveling Passport (Coloured)

4. Non-Criminal Police Report from Local Police Station in Student’s Home country

5. Birth Certificate to prove Student’s Nationality

6. Photo Passport Size (Bare-Head) - (coloured)

For Masters and PhD applicants add these documents together with the ones listed above

1. Research Plan for your program of study

2. Recommendation letters from at least two Professors


For Foreign Students

Click here to apply online

                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC