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How do I get to KQMUC from elsewhere?
KQMUC is located in Kpong -Akosombo, the Dam City in the Eastern Region of Ghana. From any point in and around the metropolis, one can board any vehicle, be it private or commercial to KQMUC Junction. Outside Kpong, one can get to KQMUC by either driving to Kpong or by boarding a Kpong- Akosombo bus and then locating KQMUC Junction. From the KQMUC Junction, there are available options to enable you reach your destination on campus.

Getting to and around KQMUC campus is an easy task for all. On arrival at KQMUC Junction, which is a main transport terminal just outside the main gate of this prestigious Kings & Queens Medical University College, one can locate several avenues to board a car to get to campus. First is by transport through any of our gates to campus in a private vehicle. Private vehicles are allowed into main KQMUC campus without any restrictions.

Second is by locating our officially embossed campus taxi cabs with stickers and transport shuttles which are the only commercial type of vehicles allowed into the main campus for security reasons.
Third is by walking directly to and through any part of campus if you choose that as an alternative.
Transport fares from various cities, towns and villages differ taking into consideration the distance to Kpong- Akosombo and the type of vehicle available. From Accra to Akosombo transport by bus, it costs between GHC 5.00 to GHC 10.00 with respect to mini buses, big and small Yutong Buses and VIP buses. You may check fares at various stations to know how much it costs to get to Akosombo from your current location. It cost 50Gp to join a shuttle or commercially registered KQMUC embossed taxi from KQMUC Junction to main campus.

Getting around campus is easy either by foot, taxi or shuttle services. You can follow the map provided to locate your way around campus. However, taxis use designated route which lead you to and fro various halls of residence on campus and to KQMUC Junction. Shuttles lead to and fro various halls of residence on campus and academic areas and also to commercial area of KQMUC. However, shuttles occasionally go to and fro KQMUC Junction when more services to transport to main campus are required.
NB: Entry to main campus area by commercial vehicles are not allowed EXCEPT for KQMUC shuttles and KQMUC Registered and Embossed Taxis.

*However, chattered taxis have different fare charges depending on the location one boards the vehicle. NB: Transport fares for chattered vehicles may vary.

                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC