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Sports & Fitness Facilities

The Sports Stadium
Sports plays an important part of KQMUC academic and Co-curricular activities. As a result of the need to improve the quality of sportsmen and women, there has been massive investment in sports infrastructure to achieve success;
This is a multi-purpose stadium that consists of a football pitch, a basketball court, a hockey pitch, Athletic tracks, volley ball court for both field and track events This sports facility is used for many sports events for both the University and other Corporate Institutions.

Swimming Pool
Kings & Queens Medical University College boasts of an Olympic size swimming pool which is open to students and the general public. There is also a Therapeutic Pool used to administer Hydro Therapy for the Stroke and Patients that need Hydrotherapy. This facility is used in training athletes for the school as well as teaching people the art of swimming. It is equally used for social gatherings and other entertainment programmes.

KQMUC Gymnasium

The saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body is held in high Esteem by KQMUC so the gym just comes handy. There are other gyms in the various Halls of Residence and Hostels.

A well Equipped Modern Gym is located just close to the Swimming Pool and open to the University community on daily bases.

Sports & Fitness Facilities

                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC