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Our Strategic Mandate

The Kings & Queens Medical University College is mandated to provide Higher Medical Education, Undertake Research, Disseminate Knowledge and Foster International Relationship.


Our Vision

To be Globally Recognized as the Premier Medical University of Excellence in Africa for Teaching and Medical Research for Development of High Calibre of Health Professionals.


Our Mission Statements

The Mission Statement defines the raison d’etre for Institution. It gives a sense of purpose motivating the staff to work as a team towards the achievement of identifiable goals, with a committed determination that flows from the collective agreement that established those goals. In that regard, a mission statement of
Kings & Queens Medical University College has a positive commitment to ;

  • To become the Premier Medical University in Ghana and Africa
  • To provide an environment for Teaching, Research and Training in Medical Sciences
  • To provide the highest standards of professional Integrity and Ethics 
  • To be Innovative in the adoption of New Medical & Surgical developments
  • To become Beneficial in the use of New Medical & Surgical Technologies
  • To Provide excellent Training of Health Professionals with High Standards


Our Core Values

  • Leadership in Medical Research and Innovations
  • Integrity and Professional Ethics in Healthcare Delivery
  • Excellence in Medical Training
  • Truthfulness , Dedication and Service

                 Dr Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu

  Message from the President & Chancellor of KQMUC